Bosede Afolabi

MRHR Collective: Transforming Maternal Healthcare in Nigeria

Maternal health is a fundamental aspect of a thriving society. Unfortunately, many women and girls in low-income communities face significant challenges when it comes to accessing equitable, high-quality, and respectful healthcare. We have made it our mission in MRHR Collective to change this reality by partnering with national and local governments, as well as private healthcare providers and also spearheading initiatives that are reshaping the landscape of maternal healthcare in Nigeria. 

One of the cornerstones of MRHR Collective’s work is delivering programs that make a real difference. Through these programs, we gather invaluable evidence that allows us to continually refine and improve our initiatives, ensuring that the most effective solutions are put in place. 

Other initiatives include empowering healthcare workers, advocacy for strengthening healthcare systems, supporting maternal health financing. 

So far, one of MRHR Collective’s recent achievements was the ‘Keep Her Alive’ campaign in October, which aimed to raise awareness of the high maternal mortality rate in Nigeria and raise funds to support vulnerable pregnant Nigerian women. The campaign included: 

  • A series of personal interviews with men who tragically lost their wives during childbirth. 
  • The production of a compelling TV commercial illustrating the annual childbirth death statistics in Nigeria, aiming to visually convey the urgency of the crisis. 
  • A candlelight memorial in honor of women who lost their lives during childbirth.  
  • A mall activation where a free health check was conducted for passersby to further raise awareness on the initiative, as well as to invite and encourage people to register for the “Run for Her” event.  
  • Additionally, #RunForHer event, a 5 kilometre marathon race for 5000 woman. These events not only raised awareness but also touched the hearts of many. 

MRHR Collective’s Keep Her Alive campaign success is not a solo endeavor. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our partners, including, Sterling One foundation, Sterling Bank, Redwire Group, i-Fitness gym, Palms mall, Amstel Malta, Nigerian Breweries, SOGON, AFEMSON amongst others, for their outstanding contributions. These partnerships have been instrumental in MRHR Collective’s ability to make a positive impact. 

MRHR Collective is on a journey to transform maternal healthcare in Nigeria. Our holistic approach, from training healthcare workers to financing pregnant women and initiatives, and raising awareness through impactful campaigns, is setting a new standard for maternal health in the country. MRHRC is not just an organization; we are a beacon of hope and change for women and girls in low-income communities. Our dedication and achievements are a testament to the power of collective action in addressing critical healthcare challenges in Nigeria. 

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